Important to know

  • Lane rental, arrangements and (extra) consumptions have to be paid at the bowling alley, except for the arrangement 'Bowling & Food'. This arrangement must be paid at the reception of Hotel Zuiderduin. Reservations can be made at the reception of Hotel Zuiderduin, by telephone on 072 750 2040 or by e-mail to to
  • The arrangements Kids Party and Disco Bowling can only be reserved by a paying adult.
  • We recommend a group size of not more than 7 persons per bowling alley. If your party consists of more than 7 people, it is likely that the game cannot be completed.

Bowling lane rental

Lucky Strike Bowling has 8 spectacular bowling alleys with light shows and an illuminated dance floor! Maximum 7 persons per lane.

  • 1 hour of bowling: €24,00 per hour
Lucky Strike Bowling 08

Kids Party

To be booked on Wednesday and Saturday for children up to and including 12 years.

  • 7 children: €5.00 pp
  • 6 children: €5.50 pp
  • 5 children: €6.00 pp
  • 4 children: €7.00 pp

Free entrance accompanying adult 


  • Fries with mayonnaise and ketchup (instead of bag of chips) + €1.25 p.p.
  • Fries with mayonnaise and ketchup, 1 snack (frikandel* or croquette) and an ice lolly (instead of a bag of chips) + €2.75 p.p. 

*meat snack


Disco Bowling

For children from 12 to 16 years of age. Minimal 4 persons per lane.

  • 7 persons: €5.50 pp
  • 6 persons: €6.00 pp
  • 5 persons: €6.50 pp
  • 4 persons: €7.00 pp


  • Fries with mayonnaise and ketchup (instead of chips) + €1.25 pp
  • Fries with mayonnaise, ketchup and 1 snack (frikandel*, croquette, or cheese soufflé) (instead of chips) + €2.50 pp

* meat snack


Bowling and dining

The package consists of one hour of bowling at Lucky Strike Bowling and an unlimited hot and cold dinner buffet at Restaurant London, including one drink (soft drink or beer or wine) per person.

  • Adults: €34.50 pp
  • 8-14 years: €19.00 pp
  • 3-7 years: €9.50 pp
  • 0-2 years: Free